Opera Scheduler setup

PMI requires data from Opera on a daily basis. There is a possibility to set up automatic export from Opera.

The different report that we require needs to be setup in Opera Scheduler. See instructions below on each report that needs to be setup.

When they have been setup correctly we also need to set a transfer method of these files.

See instructions below how to set this up.

Select the report you are going to setup

Setup report 1:

Reservation Statistics 1 (res_statistics1)
Export historical Room Nights and Guest Nights

Setup report 2:

Reservation Forecast  (res_forecast)
Export future Room revenue, Room Nights and Guest Nights

Setup report 3:

Trial Balance (trial_balance)
Export historical Revenue

Setup report 4:

Reservation History & Forecast  (history_forecast)
Export Arrival and Departures

Setup report 5:

Daily Forecast Report
Export future M&E Revenue

Setup the file transfer

Setup SFTP transfer:

Get the files over to d2o 
for processing!

SFTP troubleshooting:

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