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Learning Hotel Operation Management Through Real-Life Simulation and Competition Game With High Fun-factor At The Norwegian Hotel Management School At University Of Stavanger

We would like to congratulate the two winners of this year’s PMI General Manager Competition at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger. The winners will also be rewarded with a field trip to further learn and experience PMI best practices in action at one of d2o’s customers in Norway or abroad. [...]

Successful PMI Planning deployment for all Pandox properties in Belgium

In February all Pandox properties in Belgium took a next step towards a full use of PMI Enterprise when starting up PMI Planning, profit & loss. The properties experienced one-day training to launch the new module and are now enjoying both Budget P&L as well as Forecast P&L. Learn more about PMI Planning (Profit & Loss).

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Two new Pandox properties up and running!

During December and January two more Pandox properties went through training and are now up and running with PMI. The two properties are situated in Stockholm. The implementation went really well and the hands-on training was done smooth and quickly. Now, when the Intensive Care period is over, we can see that both properties are [...]

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Another PMI Success Story!

A new hotel opened in 2013 with only 90 rooms. Not many professionals believed this was a “surviving” project, but what really happened was not just a fluke or luck by chance! Last year, 2015, Støtvig Hotel ended up with more than 12% on their bottom line! The General Manager (GM), Laila Aarstrand, said that [...]

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