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Imported food cost purchases overview

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Properties with PMI Planning have the possibility to import actual food purchase into PMI. All food purchases are imported daily into PMI, giving the kitchen food cost owner an effortless overview of monthly expenditures.

A kitchen normally has different types of purchases. Some are short-term and some are long-term, or purchased for a specific event. Depending on the type and the purpose of the purchase, you might need to disperse the actual consumption in order to reflect the correct food cost.

1. Imported purchase will be imported into the field marked “Imported Purchase”. You can manually add purchases that were not included in the automated import into the column “Other Purchases”. You can override the automated import and enter an amount directly into “Import Override”.

2. If a purchase, or just a portion of a purchase is to be used for a large event in the future, that amount needs to be entered in the Inventory column for the day it is intended for. You do not need to delete this purchase from the Inventory field after consumption. PMI will only calculate from today and onwards.

3. A seasonal consumption, e.g., Christmas dinners should be inserted as a daily purchase. It could be inserted as extraordinary inventory in addition, to increase the closing balance. The closing balance is revised as you are consuming this purchase.

4. Insert daily comments for special events.

5. Remember to save your data.