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Unit price explained

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Example used is Energy. This shows an estimated average price for each month in the plan and is combined with the usage (multiplied) to get the values. You can edit these prices as required. You can see there is added a price of 1 for gas in most months below.

The header for this section includes a basic reminder of where the data shown comes from. It refers to a comparative data which is the section below. Here the comparative data is labelled as using values from Actual 2019 and Actual 2020. The header also specifies that the inflation uplift is 10%.

Calculations used to suggest a unit price for the plan periods

  1. In Energy – expect seasonal price variations – monthly.
  • Historic actual cost for electricity (acc 6110 all depts) for given month
  • Divide by historic consumption in kWh Electricity for given month
  1. In Other GG pages – expect stable price or estimate with annual correction – average 
  • Sum of cost in historic period  
  • Divide by sum of consumption in historic period 
  1. If the source is a previous plan, then show monthly prices from the same month in that plan. 

Finally adjust the resulting unit price up or down by a given % and display.