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Data Retention Policy

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PMI Solution Integration (Client Specific Source Data)

The Company may, on Clients request, collect Source System Data from Clients or Client specific Integration Partners or Systems. Source System Integration may be with systems such as:

  •  Points of Sale (POS)
  •  F&B Reservation Systems (FRS)
  •  Table Reservation System (TRS)
  •  Time Keeping/Management System (TKS/TMS)
  •  Property Management System (PMS)
  •  Revenue Management System (RMS)
  •  Sales & Catering Management System (S&C)
  •  Accounting Management System (AMS)

Source data integration is important for Clients in order for specific PMI products and Services to work optimal. Click here more information about d2o Source System Integration Partners

PMI Solution Data Retention

Client specific imported Source System data as well managed chain and property data is stored live for four (4) years. In some cases data can be held indefinite by request. Certain PMI features (algorithms) demands at least one (1) year of Source System data to work optimally in order to produce accurate forecasts and perform analytic automation.

d2o will keep:

  •  daily Client Source System data backup for one (1) year
  •  daily Client database backups for three (3) months
  •  Source System data and Client Databases are encrypted at rest

Client Data (live PMI data, daily database backups and raw Source System data) is irreversibly deleted immediately after termination of contract or within one (1) month when requested. Backed databases at rest is always encrypted. Source files at rest (after import) are also encrypted.