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How do I map the categories in Timekeeping (TKS)?

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In PMI we should register all paid hours as either productive or non-productive hours.

Productive hours are those working regularly, i.e. you are doing the job you are supposed to and paid to do. 

  • Regular work is marked with 1 on the cost column.
  • If Bank Holiday work is paid extra, this should be registered in the cost column, i.e. 100% extra pay means 2.0 in the cost column.
  • Any type of leave that is partly paid for by the hotel should have a corresponding cost level, i.e. if the hotel pays 70% the cost should be 0.7.

Non-productive hours are all paid hours when you are not doing your regular job. Any paid absences like sick-leave, training or meeting are non-productive when they are paid for by the property. 

Absences that are not paid for by the property during the absence should be ignored: 

  • Vacation – although paid for by the hotel, the cost is already accrued for during the working period.
  • Bank Holiday – If this is a day off or you take a day off at a later stage in lieu, this is also ignored. BH is most likely in your contract as a day off and therefore included in your monthly salary – this is considered a regular day off like a weekend day.
  • Unpaid absence should be ignored since it does not have any effect on the payroll.