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Monthly routine food cost cockpit

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Monthly tasks in the food cost cockpit

Intended Users

Kitchen Food Cost Owners


1. The food cost cockpit is found in (one of) the kitchen labor cockpit(s). Click on Food Cost in the Cockpit view located in the upper menu bar.

2. Enter the closing stock and save to get a correct food cost percentage. Make sure you are in the correct month.

3. The closing stock will be default be transferred to the next month’s opening stock/inventory.

4. If you expect changes in Par-stock, enter the new value in the cell. This value is your definition for your safety stock/operational stock in order to run kitchen operations smoothly.

5. If you are not counting your inventory every month, you can always enter the same closing as opening inventory. Your purchases divided by food sales will then equal food cost.

6. Verify that you have a food cost forecast and budget for the periods you are working with.

7. Open the budget and forecast module from the main menu on the top right hand corner:

  • The food revenue is summarized from the outlets included in the kitchen cockpit’s cost drivers; usually breakfast, restaurant(s), bar(s) and M&E. Verify that this is correct. If it does not match, please notify your FC as this may have something to do with mapping or cost driver.
  • When you set food cost % target, the food cost will calculate automatically based on expected revenue.
  • If you want to edit the food cost in money instead of %, change the calculation setting under view options.