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How the GoGreen targets are calculated

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What is a GoGreen target?

The GoGreen target is a monthly consumption target which is automatically calculated for each GoGreen resource. It shows the monthly consumption needed in order for each property and chain to achieve its long term sustainability goals. The values are generated via the Goal Distribution tool. The targets are updated on the first of each month.

Can I adjust the target?

The targets are automatically generated and cannot be manually adjusted. If the target seems unrealistic, contact your sustainability manager to discuss the reduction percentages and base year picked for your property.

How is the target calculated?

In the goal distribution tool module, the sustainability manager will assign each property a consumption reduction percentage per resource, as well as the time period by which it needs to be achieved. Reduction in resources will lead to a reduction in CO2.

Based on the reduction percentage and timeline, PMI will calculate the average consumption per guest night for each month in the period for the property to achieve the required reduction. The effects of seasons and reduction opportunities for each property are also taken into account.

For the purposes of this article, I will use electricity as a reference. The principles explained will apply to each resource in GoGreen.

Step 1: Calculate total consumption for the year.

Multiply the target for 2024 as per the goal distribution tool with the guest nights for 2024 as per the Live forecast.

Step 2: Split into monthly consumption, taking seasonality into account.

Recalculating target

For properties to reach the average kWh/guest night target at the end of the year, the targets need to be adjusted to take actual performance for past months into account. By recalculating the target, PMI also considers changes in guest nights. This recalculation is done on the first of each month.


Step 1: Determine the annual consumption that can still be used, after considering actual performance.

Step 2: Spread remaining consumption over the remaining year.

Step 3: Calculate the kWh/guest night for each month.