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GoGreen Food waste cockpit enhancement

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Food cost cockpit

An enhancement has been made to the GoGreen Food waste cockpit. This update applies to all properties that import their food waste data from eSmiley or Winnow.


From the Kitchen labor cockpit, you can navigate directly to the Food cost or Food waste cockpits.

In the food waste cockpit, you are now able to view your food waste at a category level. The breakdown allows you to see what kind of food waste is generated per category.


If you expand the graph in the ‘Doing’ cockpit, you can see the breakdown per category.



In the settings icon, selecting resource consumption data feed now also includes:

  • Actual cost import (only applies to eSmiley users)
    • This was previously just an estimate in PMI.
  • Actual co2 emission (only applies to eSmiley users)
    • This is direct from your import method instead of an estimate from PMI.
  • Copy data to waste cockpit
    • This will copy your food waste data to the waste cockpit in the category biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste. Some properties want all the food waste combined and some prefer it to be separated, so that option is now available.

Learning cockpit

  • In the learning cockpit, you can choose to view the breakdown for each category in:
    • Composition graph
    • Alignment analysis graph


You can also see the data as cost and Co2, which is now shown in KG (formerly TON) across all cockpits.