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How to transfer data to PMI

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There are 5 main options to transfer files/data to PMI. They are listed below in the preferred order:

  1. Webservices/API – If your system offers such service, please provide access information/credentials.
  2. SFTP Client – you upload the daily extract to d2o server, credentials will be provided by d2o.
    1. Server host key
    2. Algorithm: ssh-rsa 1024
    3. Fingerprints: SHA256:OaK8ia0WT5HWLzpC3i10bG7PUp2XCU7IFf67Lzl/70A
  3. FTP/SFPT server – if your system offer such service, please provide access information/credentials.
  4. E-mail – send the files to d2o via mail, mail adress will be provided by d2o.
  5. d2o agent upload service – an agent is installed at the server in the property and the files are dropped into a folder where d2o will pick them up.

If the options above cannot be accommodated, we can discuss other methods.

Automate SFTP upload via WinSPC on windows

  • Get, and install, the latest version of WinSPC.
  • Open a text editor and paste the following

open s -hostkey=”ssh-rsa 1024 OaK8ia0WT5HWLzpC3i10bG7PUp2XCU7IFf67Lzl/70A=”
put d:\temp\Test.txt /


USER_NAME = The user name provided by d2o
PASSWORD = The password provided by d2o
D:\temp\Test.txt = The File you want to upload

Save the file as, for example sftp_upload_instructions.txt

Open a new text editor and past the following

@echo off
C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP> /ini=nul /script=d:\temp\winspc\ sftp_upload_instructions.txt


C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP> = The correct path to the installed
d:\temp\winspc\sftp_instructions.txt = The correct path to the instructions file you just created.

Save the file as, for example “sfp_upload.bat”

You can now test your script by opening a command prompt, browse to your bat file and execute it and then use the windows scheduler if you want to schedule the transfer.