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GM daily digest enhancement March 2024

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The purpose of these enhancements is to: 

  1. Create a cleaner design to make it easier for GMs to gain useful insights quickly.  
  2. Make it possible to highlight important KPIs for the chain. 
  3. Give additional calculation options for Rev-GOP conversion calculation. 

Yesterday results panel  

  1. The market indexes are removed from this widget. If data is available, they will show in the Watchlist tile below. 
  2. MTD actuals is now shown, as well as yesterday’s results. Hover over to see comparative data available – both Last year and Forecast. Click to view the Management perspective. 

Watch list

  1. This lists the four market index KPIs if available (Ranking, RGI, MPI, ARI). 
  2. In the future, this section will allow for chain specific KPIs to be shown to help highlight important metrics for GMs to track.

Rev-GOP conversion

  1. Data source: You can now select between Forecast, Budget, or Last year actuals as the source for the conversion calculation. When Last year actuals is selected, it will use data from same period last year as the basis for the conversion calculation.
  2. Additional option is to select a percentage flow thru for Occupancy difference from source. Previously only a cost per room could be added. For full details see the article Rev-GOP conversion explained. 

Waterfall chart

  1. The hours bar now compares to SMART Forecast. The goal adjusts according to the activity levels at the hotel. For example, if you are experiencing higher occupancy than forecasted, it would be expected that labor hours would also be higher than forecasted. The SMART forecast caters to this, providing a realistic goal based on the activity at the hotel. 
  2. For chains with GoGreen, the GoGreen information is available in a 2nd tab behind the waterfall chart. Click the tab to view GoGreen information.