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Share group

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What is Share group?

It’s a feature that enables all users to see all hotels, regardless of own hotel or user rights. It’s only applicable for Benchmarking.

What is its purpose?

It allows users in a specific group to have access to see other groups(s) in their Benchmarking view. We can limit available hotels in Benchmarking to the same group as your hotel belongs to.

Intended users and requirements

This functionality is accessible to d2o, please contact for assistance.

How does this work?

Example: We have 3 Groups in PMI; Demo Properties, Region North and Region South. Initially, users belonging to a Demo Properties hotel will only see the group Demo Properties in Benchmarking. If users belonging to a hotel in Demo Properties should be able to also see all Region Norths Hotels, this can be configured in this module.

– In the left column, choose which group you will give extended access to (in the example above, Demo Properties).

– In the right column, choose which other group(s) the group above should also see in Benchmarking (in the example above, Region North).

Note that this will not give access to users belonging to a Region North hotel to see Demo Properties hotels in Benchmarking. This will require that we repeat the above steps, but then with the groups the other way around.

Please note that this is configured on groups, i.e. It will show all hotels in the group.

Cross-database sharing of hotels in Benchmarking

This functionality will cater for a situation where one or more hotels in one database should be visible in the Benchmarking view in another database. A practical example:

We have a group of hotels in one database, typically a group of hotels with the same owner. These hotels operate under brands that also have PMI, but then in another database. The brand owner would like the “external” hotel to be visible in the Benchmarking View of the brand, and the brand hotels should maybe also be visible in the Benchmarking of the external hotel.

In PMI we will have to configure this in two steps, and the steps are found under Advanced Settings. These are Share Hotel and Group External Hotel.