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Consolidation OTB overview

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What is its purpose?

Image description: View of the main screen in the Consolidation OTB module.

The main purpose of Consolidation OTB module in PMI is to give a quick overview of the total On The Books (OTB) in a chosen period compared with last year. This is useful for a high level check of current bookings compared to last year.

Various view options are included in this module to give you a better comparison of overall values over a longer period.

Information is displayed in table format as well as a chart below the table.

How is it used?

A summary of various values in the selected period can be viewed on a monthly total level. Last Year OTB as well as Pickup Last year can be viewed for easy comparison to the current displayed values.

This can be viewed for a single property or for a whole group.

OTB values are available for all revenue, both rooms and other.


Image description: View of the main menu with navigation to Consolidation OTB.

Consolidation OTB can be accessed via the main dropdown menu.

Date selector & tools

Image description: Date selector and Tools icon

Date selector: Select the desired date range by clicking on either of the dates or arrows.

Tools: Gives the option to export/print the selected dates data.


Personal view settings

Image description: Use personal view option to adjust the table display.

Adjust the data displayed in the table and chart by using the personal view settings.

  1. View: Display either Budget or Forecast. This will show the last submitted forecast or budget for the selected period.
  2. Last Year: This option determines the Last year OTB & Pickup values shown – either same date last year, or same week day.
    1. For example: If today is Thursday, 4th April 2024.
    2. By Date: The OTB & pickup values will be from Tuesday, 4th April 2023.
    3. By Weekday: The OTB & pickup values will be from Thursday, 6th April 2023.
  3. Select OTB Values: This will update all values in table and graph.
    1. Rooms: Data to view includes ARR, Occupancy %, Room nights or Room revenue.
    2. Other (Non-rooms): Non-room organizational units can be selected depending on department level settings. Departments that use OTB in the Live forecast will be listed e.g. Restaurant, Meeting & Events, Spa.
    3. Departments displayed value (covers): If covers are activated for a department with OTB, the values displayed will depend on the selections made (Average cover revenue, Covers, Revenue). If Average cover revenue or Covers are selected, the values will only be shown for departments where these options are available. Choosing Revenue will display values for all departments with OTB.
  4. Show department & Show segments: Depending on the options selected and PMI set-up, additional details can be added.
    1. Press the + sign by a month to expand for the additional details. Options include Properties, Department, Segments, Covers/Revenue.