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Onboarding roles – Food cost

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PMI is a tool that enables you to easily manage resources such as labor, food, and energy to deliver guest satisfaction while minimizing costs. 

It is designed help you excel in a management position, by providing you with the key insights you need to know at the right time. This will allow you to plan effectively, and make timely well informed decisions when it comes to staffing and managing costs. 

PMI will help develop your management skills, by supporting you in the areas of planning, execution, and adapting to changes. 

Your tasks in PMI 

Tasks and responsibilities within each role may vary depending on your property, but the main tasks that a Head Chef are usually required to do in PMI are the following:

Food cost tracking 

  1. Plan (Monthly): Confirm the monthly food cost forecast 
  2. Do (Bi-Weekly): Input food cost purchases in the food cost cockpit 
  3. Monitor (Bi-weekly): Monitor food cost compared to the forecast. Are you on track to meet the monthly forecast sest? 
  4. Evaluate & learn (Monthly): Review last months results compared to the forecast and identify reasons for any discrepancies? What can you do differently in future to reduce food cost? 
  5. Adjust (Ongoing): Implement actions identified in previous steps. 

Tutorial videos

See below for some video guidance to get you started with your tasks. For more help use the chatbot icon in PMI.