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How to do a monthly forecast routine in NextGen Planning

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Each month, a new forecast should be submitted for the coming months. This can be done via the Planning pages in PMI. There are 3 simple steps to this process which should be done by the controller or GM. 

Step 1: Set up a plan 

  1. Go to Planning setup in the main menu.

1. If you already have a forecast from last month, select ‘Roll forward.

             a. This will use your existing forecast as a basis but add an additional month and update the values based                       on changes to Live forecast.  

             b. This option is only available during the forecasting period as set in Period Locking. If it is not forecast                            period, the option ‘Open forecast’ will be displayed. Selecting this will open the most recent forecast                            version available. 

2. If you have not set up a forecast before, select ‘Create a plan’.                                                                                                 a. See the article ‘How to set up a plan’ for details on this. 

Step 2: Review and adjust the prepopulated forecast  

  1. Adjust the forecast if needed by clicking on the relevant cell and adjusting the values.  
  1. See the article ‘How to edit a plan’ for details on this.   

Step 3: Submit forecast  

Once you are happy with the forecast, select ‘Submit to cockpits’. This forecast will now be updated in the relevant cockpits. If you have set up a connection to PMI Profit & loss, your financial forecast/budget will be updated accordingly.