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Labor cockpit schedule

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All Cockpits in PMI can have one or more Schedules linked to it.

Be aware of that any changes to a schedule for past historic days are not reflected in the cockpit. Any changes to hours worked for past historic days needs to be done in the cockpit.

Intended Users

Cockpit Owners


Planning workforce in a department.

Main Topic

It is recommended that you use one schedule within a department. More schedules means more time for schedule maintenance.

1. Primary and Secondary Cost Drivers.

2. Planned, targeted and scheduled hours. Schedule planned is a sum of all workers’ hours plus unspecified hours. If you have ticked the option for viewing other schedules in View Options, the sum also contains any other hours from other schedules. Smart Forecast is the target for this Cockpit, meaning the actual activity (cost driver) divided by the forecasted productivity. Read more in Labor Cockpit. Cockpit planned is the sum of hours used so far in the Cockpit plus the schedule for the rest of the month. See more information in point 12 in Labor Cockpit. 

3. Custom created teams.

4. Arrows that move the selected row up or down.

5. Edit user (scheduled staff).

6. Delete selected user (scheduled staff) − will delete the user from that schedule no matter if shifts are attached or not. The user can be found in Search and Add Staff (8).

7. Name of scheduled staff.

8. Search and Add staff to schedule.

9. Unspecified hours.

10. Shift codes. These can be copied, pasted, added, edited and moved via “drag-n-drop”.

11. Windows tool to scroll the window sideways.

12. Indicator (red line) of the current date/day.

13. Double click on a shift code to edit productive and non-productive hours.

14. Time Bank – this can be used if you want to keep track of a time bank. Enter closing value, that will be the opening value next month. 

15. Schedule Horizon – if activated in the cockpit, the green line will show you where the schedule horizon ends and beyond that either schedule hours will be displayed in the cockpit or Cockpit Target hours. 

Please observe that the holidays set up in PMI will be displayed at the top together with the date. You may hover over the date to see information of that holiday.