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Login and change Password in PMI

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How to change your password in PMI

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to log into PMI and change your password. In addition, it directs you on how to find our Onboarding videos, which are a brilliant way to familiarize yourself with PMI. You’ll also encounter links to other useful articles outlining specific PMI roles, offering you valuable insights that can enhance your user experience and effectiveness within these roles.

Login to PMI with the given login details – Login to PMI | Revenue & Productivity Solution by d2o

Go to Main Menu and go into Settings

Type the old password and enter a new and press Update.

On the top of each module in PMI there are videos describing the module. On Home you have onboarding videos for whole PMI. We recommend for a new user to have a look at the PMI Onboarding.

Please visit these Articles to onboard in PMI – this will help a lot go guide you to correct areas of learning.

To get a grip on what PMI is please have a look at this commercial video on our webpage.

Should you have any questions please reach out your PMI contact/BRE contact.

SSO login

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies the login process by allowing you to access PMI with your organization’s credentials without needing a separate password for PMI. Here is how it works:

  1. Navigate to the PMI login page, there you should see an option for Single Sign-On or a similar SSO login button.
  2. Click that SSO button and you will likely be redirected to your organization’s standard login page.
  3. Enter your organization username and password as you usually do.
  4. After successful authentication, you will be redirected back to PMI and logged into the system .

Password reset from the login page

Resetting your password in PMI is easy. Here’s how you go about it:

  1. After logging into PMI, go to the “Main Menu” and select “Settings”.
  2. On the settings page, you’ll find an option to change your password. You’ll need to type your old password first and then enter your new choice.
  3. Finally, click the “Update” button to make sure your changes are saved .

After this, you should be good to go with your new password!