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How to populate history from Opera to PMI

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To enable a smooth setup of PMI and import of history from Opera, the following files need to be pulled and sent to d2o:

Report 1: Res_statistic 1 – This file should be run 1 time, and should have the date range of January 1st last year through yesterday.

Report 3: Trial Balance – This file needs to be pulled one for each day for historical days. I.e., 365 files are needed per year. Pull and send the files from January 1st last year through yesterday. Make sure to name the reports “trial_balance0101xx.txt”. The date needs to be in the name of the file (xx = year), so the files can be separated. For example, the name of the file for January 1st, 2022 should read “trial_balance010122.txt”.

Pull one test file and send it to email address provided in the email, so the format can be checked and confirmed that it is correct before all the files are pulled. The correct file format is “.txt”. Do not export PDF files, as PDF files cannot be imported to PMI.

Save all files to your computer and then send them to the email address provided in the email. Make sure that the files are in the correct format, so the task does not need to be done twice.

Send the Trial Balance files for one full month in one email. For one full year, there should be 12 emails, each containing the files for each day in that month (29-31, depending on the month).

For more details, please read Oracle scheduler.