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Introduction to the PMI App

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What does the App include?

The PMI App is meant to show full property status, down to department level. The main focus is the Management Perspective view that displays the same information that is presented in the web version. The application is “Read only” in the sense that you cannot update your Forecast, Cockpit or Labor Schedule.

The PMI App provides the following views:

  • Property Information
  • Management Perspective
  • Portfolio perspective
  • PMI Index
  • RevPOLU
  • Revenue
  • Labor
  • Food Cost
  • OTB
  • Cockpit drill-down (all departments)
  • Benchmarking



What does it look like and where can I get it?

For IOS devices

Swedish App Store

US App Store

Norwegian App Store

German App Store

Danish App Store


For Android devices

Open the Android  (Google Play) App Store in your Android device and search for “pmi d2o”. Install the App on your device and then login with your email and password (same as in PMI web version). If you don’t have an account please talk to d2o Support.