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Live forecast tools and personal view settings

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What are the tools in Live forecast? 

Available Tools and View Options will vary depending on your property’s Live forecast set up, the department you are viewing, and your user access rights.  

  1. Pickup Statistics: Click here to review and analyse the booking pattern for the different Segments and the ARR (Average Room Rate).
  2. Reset Pickup: this will reset whatever is in the Pickup column to 0 (Zero).
  3. Calculate Live Forecast: Use this for an automated recalculation of pickups. The recalculation can be done based on PMI Prediction or an external forecast file if available.
  4. Copy to Live forecast: Use this to copy values from Forecast or Budget. This will copy the selected source to the Live forecast, set all dates in the period to manual handling, and save the new Live forecast. You can revert to the automated driver forecast by selecting ‘Reset Pickup’ in the tools menu. For Rooms forecast, this only applies if the Live forecast update method is ‘Auto: PMI Prediction updates daily’, (i.e., not if the mix between import and PMI Prediction is used).
  5. Seasons: View forecasting seasons.
  6. Generate Auto Seasons: Applicable to d2o users only.
  7. PMI Live forecast: A tool that shows a snapshot of your Live forecast for comparison and accuracy checking of the PMI Prediction algorithm.
  8. Available Rooms: Use this to review adjust the total number of rooms available in the property. PMI will not forecast more than the available rooms set here.
    1. Different capacity can be set for actual, Live forecast, Forecast and the Budget. For actual and Live forecast, it should always show the same capacity as used when reporting for official benchmarking.
  9. Configuration settings: Click here to view and adjust settings on how the Live forecast is set up.
  10. Extract Data: Use this to extract data to Excel. This is useful for in depth analysis.
  11. Print to File: Use this to export data to Excel, Google Sheets or as a PDF file. See video instructions on how to use this function here.
  12. Copy (Submit) from Live forecast: Use this to submit the Live forecast to Forecast or Budget. This should be done once a month for the coming 12 months.
    1. Depending on chain policy, forecast submission is only open during a period of the month, and budget submission during a specific period of the year (budget).
  13. Copy (Submit) several from Live forecast: Use this to submit multiple Live forecasts to Forecast or Budget simultaneously.
    1. Depending on chain policy, forecast submission is only open during a period of the month, and budget submission during a specific period of the year (budget).
  14. Edit Guest Nights Factor: Review and adjust guest nights factor, used to forecast number of guest nights.
  15. Revise Forecast/Budget: Use this to edit your Forecast or Budget values. This will update them in the Budget and Forecast module.
  16. Driver based: Review and adjust revenue drivers for the Live forecast.

What are the personal view settings in Live forecast?

These options allow you to adjust what you can see in the Live forecast table. These changes are user specific – any changes here will only change your view, not anyone else’s.

The choices available will vary depending on the type of Live forecast and user rights.

If you choose to display Last Year, you can choose by Date or by Weekday – By Weekday, will compare a Monday to a Monday last year. By date will display the same date last year.

When Forecasting Accuracy is ticked, a new column will appear to the right of the Live forecast column, displaying the difference between last saved Live forecast and the actual result as a percentage.

When hovering over a Budget or Forecasted value in the Live forecast module, a pop-up tool tip will appear displaying when and by whom the budget or forecast was submitted.