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How do I set a productivity goal?

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A good way to set a productivity goal (target) is to use last year as a reference and see if you can achieve similar or better productivity this year. Budget is also a reference, as we don’t want to be less productive than what we have budgeted. This would negatively affect our bottom line, provided the budget is realistic.

The forecasted cost driver divided by the productivity target gives you the hours you need for the month. PMI best practice highly recommends working with productivity targets to establish the needed hours per department. 

Alternatively, you can find the productivity target by entering the hours first. Forecasted cost drivers divided by hours will give you a productivity target.

In PMI you should always forecast/budget your activity/cost-driver/rooms/revenue before you start to work on your staffing and productivity targets. When your cost driver is updated, you put in your productivity target and PMI tells you the number of hours you can spend each month.