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How to edit a GoGreen plan

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What is GoGreen Planning?

Planning is a new module that initially supports the GoGreen cockpits with financial elements for environmental targets. This module is prepopulated using the latest Live Forecast and estimates based on historical financial (P&L) data.

This article is geared toward department heads, controllers and GMs with budget and forecast editing rights and access to GoGreen. It covers how to edit and submit a forecast or budget starting from the prepopulated new version. For details of how the new version is set up see How to set up a new plan.  There is also a video for How to edit a plan and more background on the different screen elements in Intro to NextGen Planning.

How do I access the screen?

The planning screen is currently accessed from the Budget & Forecast page when you select GoGreen.

Make sure you are in the department/resource you are responsible for.  Select ‘other departments’ in the drop-down to navigate back to the traditional Budget & Forecast page for the other departments. 

Below the drop-down is a useful summary of the main calculation/formula underlying this plan page.  In this case the forecast for waste comes from kg from GoGreen multiplied by price per kg.  The same symbols are used throughout the page for the elements.  

Make sure you are in the plan that you have been asked to work on – the selector at the top right will list all the available plans and the most recently created will be at the bottom of the list. 



1.Review charts 

The charts are intended to show you at a glance how the plan is looking in terms of seasonality and compared to prior period.  Look for a particular month showing values that do not fit the general pattern, or are we consistently spending more than last year? 

2. Edit values as needed 

In this data table section you can start typing in new values if you can provide better estimates. 

The first section is the actual plan numbers – here it shows how many thousands (K) of NOK we forecast to spend on towels and linen.  This is the figures we will be adjusting in the next sections.  Any changes will alter these totals and the charts straight away. 

All values that have been manually changed will display a gray corner tag   and if you hover over the cell you will see the original value – just in case you change your mind.

You can change values for the units from GoGreen.  In other pages it would say kWh or KG or whatever the relevant measure is for that page.  The original value shown has been copied from Live Forecast when this plan was first created.  Any changes made will not update Live forecast. 

You can also change the Unit price shown.  In most pages this is based on the average price over 12 months using the data as shown under the comparative data section.  You may want to look at the full explanation of this under comparative data but it is likely that you can improve on the estimates shown for some months, especially where the source is quite old – here it is the actual data from 2019.  If the comparative data header says it is using the previous forecast as a basis then you will only need to update if there have been price changes since the last forecast. 

3. Save & submit to cockpit 

Look back at the first line in the data table and the charts to see what you are now forecasting.  Are these values ready to sign off and make available for others to use? 

Make sure you Save changes to your work before leaving the page!  You should get a reminder if you have unsaved changes when you try to leave the screen and you can cancel and then save or exit without saving.  The text line beneath the button shows who last saved this page and when. 

The ‘Submit to cockpits’ button does as the name suggests.  It copies/submits the latest saved content from all the plan pages at once to make them available elsewhere in the system. When you ‘Submit to cockpits’ for a Forecast plan then the targets in the GoGreen cockpits will be updated.  This ‘Submit to cockpits’ function does submit for all the pages at once but it will not include any unsaved changes – to ensure work anyone else is in the middle of will not get submitted unless it has already been saved.  The same plan can be submitted multiple times so just make sure the submitted date/time is after the last saved date/time to see if your changes have been incorporated. 

Tutorial video can be found here